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17-18th June 2015 “TST-Agro” company took part in “Field Day 2015 in Mordovia republic. The head of the Mordovia Republic I. D. Volkov, who opened " Mordovia Field Day 2015" noted: "The Republic of Mordovia is one of the most advanced agro-industrial regions in Russia. Today the republic is not only completely self-sufficient in agricultural products, but also supplies it to other regions. Today farmers need "smart" production, which will allow to win the competition in domestic and international markets". In achieving and maintaining such high rates Mordovian agriculture can not do without competitive equipment. It is therefore not surprising that the exhibition, held in Lyambirskiy district, attracted more than 50 exhibitors, who provided more than 150 units of agricultural machinery and equipment.

“TST-Agro” presented for the visitors “Robot milking system Lely Astronaut A4” at our stand. This robot will be milking your cows around the clock for many years. It can work in various conditions and are fully programmed on how to prepare the cow for milking, how to connect the teat cups, as if you need to re-stick them, how to remove them after milking and to perform subsequent processing of the nipples. Our goal is not automation of the milking process itself. The whole concept is developed based on the needs and characteristics of the cow, so she was delighted to come to the milking. Our truly unique design of the system, as well as the concept of "I-flow" for easy entrance of the cow in the stall and exit are clear examples of this strategy.

10 benefits of the Lely Astronaut

1. Design, convenient for cows.
2. Teat cups are securely parked in the manipulator.
3. More effective cleaning and stimulation.
4. Fastest teat detection.
5. Individually based milking using dynamic ripple.
6. Relaxed milking due to reduction in the number of manipulator movements.
7. Accurate measurement of milk quality close to the stall.
8. The glass will never be on the floor.
9. Energy savings by reducing the number of movements.
10. Robust construction and durable materials.

The company "TST-Agro" expresses gratitude for the help in organizing the exhibition to the Agriculture and Food Ministry of the Republic of Mordovia.